B.A.A.D.M. 011

Onda Tidender – Night of the Experimental Film III

  • Cassette
  • Edition of 90
  • 2020
  • A.Fuses + AI (Love) (part I)
  • B.Fuses + AI (Love) (part II)

Erik Enocksson in dis­guise as Onda Tidender, doing what he has always been great at: putting the mov­ing image to sound. On this tape he lends sonic grandeur to two intro­spec­tive land­marks of sub­ver­sive cin­ema: Ai/​Love’ by Takahiko Iimura and Fuses’ by Carolee Schneemann. A eulogy to a past counter-culture.

Music by Onda Tidender (Erik Enocksson). Numbered edi­tion of 90 copies with down­load coupon. Inlay off­set printed in sil­ver and black.

Onda tidender