B.A.A.D.M. is an experimental music label run by Joris Verdoodt & Mathieu Serruys. Our main interest is the exploration of music as a medium to evoke extramusical meanings, references, obsessions or strategies that can lay hidden behind sound. We welcome musicians who stand out not only for their highly estimated perception of sound but also for their sensibility and awareness of the broader (sub)cultural spectrum. We honour the originators of unexpected beauty and vital rupture.

Experimental musicians are invited to partake in what amounts to a “conceptual residency”. The artist is called to occupy a particular content framework, carefully constructed to reside upon the intersection between B.A.A.D.M.’s fields of interest and the artist’s path of creative pursuit. This framework reaches into the shade of contemporary culture, devising an interaction between artist modus operandi and an environment of alternate worldview: heaths of unorthodox logic, annuls of subjective epiphany. 

Beyond being a rich sensory environment, each B.A.A.D.M. release is a means of mapping the artist’s pathways of thought, housing extramusical interpretation within a geography of vibratory shape and colour. We aim to cultivate B.A.A.D.M. as an extensive universe, where artistic freedom is galvanised by the presence of conceptual triggers without being jeopardised by constrictive narrative traces.